Python代写|Final Project – 3D Street Scene

本次英国代写是一个Python OpenGL 3D街景建模相关的assignment

The aim of this project is to create a 3D model for a street scene .g., street using your knowledge from the computer
graphics lectures and workshops. The above example is only for illustration/guidance purposes and you are not required
to generate an output same as this example.

There is no specific requirement on the number of the objects in the scene or how the scene is set up, however it must
resemble a street. It can be as photo realistic or as cartoony as you like.

You are required to implement all the following concepts in your project:

• translation
• rotation
• local illumination
• texture mapping
• environment mapping

Criteria: When assessing this project, we will be looking for the following:

• The code must generate the required scene/objects with no artefact or bug.
• All the concepts are implemented properly.
• The code should be well documented, explaining well your design and reasoning.
• The code should be reasonably efficient and concise.
• The video should demonstrate how your code generates the results, how all the concepts are implemented as well
as explaining the functionalities of various parts of the code.