Excel代写 | BISM7202 MS Office Assignment – Office 365 Excel 2019


This assignment requires you to create a professional business application using Microsoft
Excel 2019 / Microsoft Excel 365. The assignment is worth 40% of your grade in this course.
This is an individual assignment – group work or any collaboration on the assignment is not
permitted. This assignment consists of several tasks to be completed in Excel.

Please be aware of the University’s Statute regarding academic integrity, plagiarism, and the
submission of your own work.

Please note you can resubmit your assignment as many times as you like prior to the
deadline. We will only mark the latest version of the assignment submitted up until the due

The purpose of this assignment is to test the student’s ability to operate, manage, and
interpret business data in spreadsheets.

The assignment is worth 40 marks that equals to 40% of the overall grade achievable in this
course. A foundational Excel Spreadsheet is provided for students to modify and update to
meet the ‘challenges’ presented in the Case Specification document that is separate to this
Assessment Guideline.

This assignment requires you to complete an Excel workbook file using Microsoft Excel 2019
/ Microsoft Excel 365 based on the specification provided in the Henry’s Farm Market
(HFM) Assessment Case Specification. This document is a companion to a template Excel
workbook that contains several sheets you are to develop as part of this assessment.

The specification relates to Henry’s Farm Market (HFM), which is a franchise business
that deliver daily groceries by the box to homes and businesses in nearby suburbs (their
‘franchise area’). The case has four main requirements for you to develop:

• Develop a schedule of employee budgeted salary costs according to his specifications
and build a summary table using database functions;

• Undertake a Solver analysis on the business franchise areas to determine a
reallocation of franchise areas by distance from the store;

• Undertake a scenario analysis on saving monthly/fortnightly for building a new store
that will cost a ‘What If’ certain amount of money in a few years;

• Provide some business-focussed comments to Henry relating to this MS Excel

More details on the specific requirements of the case are contained in the Case Specification.

The Excel template of the expected worksheets will be made available on the BISM7202
Blackboard site with the Case Specification. The Excel template provided must be used as
the basis for the assignment. You may change the visual formatting (typographical errors,
colour, fonts, data format presentation, column widths, etc) of the Excel template to provide a
professional finished product, but nothing else unless explicitly required in the Case
Specification. For example, do not change the structure of the template spreadsheet; do not
add columns/rows or type data outside the assigned areas except when you are asked to do so.