WebGL代写 | CSE 470 Introduction to Computer Graphics

CSE 470 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Instructor: Dianne Hansford, Ph.D.
HW #4: Dancer
Big Picture: Create a webGL program that animates the “figure” program humanoid on a planar ground
surface. The avatar and the ground plane are texture mapped. The humanioid’s movement is controlled
by a hierarchical model and key-framing with in-betweening.
• Learn how to create and apply a texture maps.
• Learn how to create and animate a hierarchical model.
• Gain more experience developing a webGL program.
• Have fun!
Build your program from the “figure” and “textureCube4” programs.
• Modify the humanoid’s initial theta[] array so its initial position is as you would like.
(I changed the upper arm theta values to 180 so the arms were not up above the head.)
• Modify the upper and lower arm lengths so the arms are shorter than the legs.
• Change the background color to something other than white or black.
• Add a ground plane with color. It should be larger than the width of the humanoid.
• Create an initial Modelview matrix with LookAt(). You choose the view. You can also use mousy.
• Create a perspective projection.
• Add texture to the humanoid and a different texture to the ground plane. Blend color and
texture. You can choose any of the textures in our demo programs except the constant color
• Animate the humanoid using a keyframe time parameter and possibly other local parameters
derived from the main parameter. You must animate 4 different parts.
• You can choose whether to keep the sliders from the “figure” program.
• Add your name, project title, date, and any resources you used to your HTML page.
• Each file you turn in should have your name at the top of the file and the file names should
include your last name. (Please be sure that your file names are correct in the script tags.)
These options will earn extra credit. Please add a comment in the HTML page describing the extra credit
that you implemented.
• Modify the shape of the humanoid into anything you want, but it must have nearly the same
number of parts. You may also change the hierarchy.
• Add a nice user interface that allows changes of different parameters.
• Add music
• Cube map or bump map.