Unity代写 | CSE 3541, Final Lab Assignment

CSE 3541, Final Lab Assignment

1 Objectives
Our final project is to create an animation or game of your own. It can be an individual project, or a
group project of two people. Use Piazza to find your teammate! It is up to you to decide the content
and the type of interactions in your application. Below are some examples you may consider: Car
racing game, Temple run, Flappy bird 3D, Angry bird 3D, First person shooting in a
3D maze, Particle-based fluid animation (SPH), Soft body animation.
2 Requirements
Your package must be written in Unity and it must contain a 3D scene. Your package will be
evaluated based on three criteria: visual appearance, animation content, and interactions.
3 Schedule
3.1 Proposal (2 points)
Each person/group should submit a project proposal as a HTML file by 11/16/2020. The proposal
should cover three aspects of this project: 1) a set of example images to demonstrate what you plan
to create; 2) the framework of your package and the techniques you plan to use to reach your goal;
3) the timeline. If it is a group project, you should also explain how the work will be split.
3.2 Short Presentation (3 points)
Please prepare a short presentation to show your work. This presentation will be either a video
recording, or a live talk during our regular class time from 11/30/2020 to 12/04/2020. Please
consider completing the presentation within eight minutes. Show your result, and explain what you
did and what you learned. Although you still have time to refine your work before final submission,
please make most of your system working so other people can give comments.