UML代写 | ECS505U Software Engineering

ECS505U Software Engineering

2. Tasks
1. Create a use-case diagram fulfilling the requirements in Section 4 and produce a
PDF image of the diagram.
2. Create a traceability matrix for the use cases in your diagram, requirements (in
section 4) and user stories (in Section 5) following the template also available for
download on QMplus. Produce a PDF file of the matrix.
3. Merge the two PDF files and submit your work using the link on QMplus. You can
use an online PDF merging service such as ilovePDF1 to merge the two files.
Important reminder: Do not email us your work even if you encounter a system error few
seconds before the submission deadline, as lecturers we can only mark submitted work.
Please contact Karen Finesilver for your submission issues.
3. Glossary
The library system (or, the system): The software system designed to help people in
the library.
System User: A person who is using the system. System users can be of three types
(described below).
Guest: A system user who is not registered in the library system (i.e. not a member).
Member: A system user who is registered in the library system.
Staff: A system user who is an employee of the library and handles the day to day
activities of the library using the system.
Library item: Any item in the library that can be borrowed by members. There are
three types of items in the library: book, magazine and movie.

4. System Requirements
1. Guests must be able to register using the system to become members.
2. Guests should be able to get help during registration.
3. All system users must be able to search for items (without needing to register).
4. The system must allow to perform three types of search:
a. Books
b. Magazines
c. Movies
5. Members and staff must be able to loan items from their search results (it is not
possible to loan items without first searching for them).
6. Staff must be able to loan items using their staff account (there is no separate loan
procedure for staff).
7. System should allow creating a loan receipt during the loan process if the
member/staff asks for one.
8. Members and staff must be able to update their personal information.
9. Members and staff must be able to change their passwords.
10. Staff must be able to add and remove items from/to the system.
11. Staff must be able to create new catalogues (book catalogues only; there are no
magazine or movie catalogues).
12. System should not allow to create an empty catalogue (a catalogue with no books).
13. Staff must be able to add books to an existing catalogue.
14. Staff must be able to remove books from a catalogue.
15. Staff must be able to process returned items (from loan).