Python代写 | Final project, part 2, implementation


 Continue working in your group on solving the proposed problem on the
proposed dataset
 Do exploratory analysis to study your data. Clean it, if necessary. Decide
if you want to use all the features. Do you need to convert some non-
numerical features into numerical ones? (use l1_n3.ipynb as an example)
 Try to utilize such constructions as Imputer, Pipeline, etc.
 Try as many methods, that we studied in class, as possible to solve your
problem. Remember that some methods require scaling. At least one of
those models should be based on neural networks.
 Use grid search to tune hyperparameters of your models.
 Compare the methods that you tried.
 How do you make sure that your models do not over t?
 Submit slides in pdf format and the jupyter notebook in ipynb and html
 Each group will have 10-15 minutes to present the slides during the last
class (but the slides and notebooks are due a week before the last class)
 Start working on the nal project early, as soon as your proposal is ap-
proved: you already know a lot of methods applicable to all kinds of
problems, after each class, check if any new methods can be used for your
 Use Skyway or midway (midway is often too busy, especially at the end
of the semester, Skyway might be easier to use)

 Requirements to slides:
{ Slides should be self-sucient: your listeners should be able to un-
derstand what you are doing from your presentation without looking
into the notebook

{ You should clearly present your problem, approaches you tried, re-
{ Make sure to use well formatted plots of production quality to illus-
trate your statements
{ Slides should contain only what is necessary and should not have
unnecessary technical details or unnecessary embelishments that do
not directly address the problem: imagine that you are presenting the
slides to your customers and you have very limited time to catch their
attention and to convince them that you know what you are doing,
some of your customers might be quite technically knowledgeable and
some might not, your presentation should look good to both kinds of
{ Indicate in the appendix the responsibilities of each team member:
for example, Jane Doe did exploratory analysis and tried method 1,
Jack Doe tried method 2 and 3 and wrote the presentation, etc.
{ Use good English.
{ The size of the slides should be appropriate for 10-15 minutes pre-
 In addition to slides, do provide the notebook(s). Usual requirements for
the notebook(s)
{ The notebook should be well formatted: use markdown to structure
{ As a title, put in markdown cell:
# Final project
## Group N: Jack Doe, Jane Doe, …
## part X of Y
## date
{ Name your notebook Final_Project_Group_N_part_XofY.ipnb
{ There should not be any failed cells in the notebook. Every cell
should work and have the results of the execution.
{ All the plots should be of production quality with readable labels,
titles, etc. Also, try to nd the most approriate type of plot to clearly
demonstrate your statement.