Maya代写 | MCD4730 – Foundations of 3D Assignment 2

MCD4730 – Foundations of 3D
Assignment 2
Creating a 3D Game ‘Monster’

This assessment requires you to research and craft an original game character. Your
‘monster’ needs to be designed first as a written and researched concept before being
modelled and textured in virtual space.
The project should start with a strong emphasis on character design, using research and
development techniques to explore and build your original character concept but your game
monster must be a new creation. You cannot simply copy a character from an existing
computer game, animated series, or movie (for example, from Pixar’s Monsters Inc.,
Adventure Time, or the Pokémon franchise).
The definition of a ‘3D game monster’ here is broad and all manner of creatures are
possible. Your monster could be bright, cute and cuddly and entirely suitable for a children’s
game. It might be frightening, ferocious and sharp fanged, or comical and appealingly
caricatured. Character types range from essentially humanoid figures to composite
creatures that combine anatomical elements from several animals, or any other concept
you choose to explore. You should not however aim for photorealistic or highly detailed
designs – simple characters with strong design elements suit the scope of this assignment
Like all Foundations of 3D assignments, it is required that you get your concept approved
by your tutor and post your concept on the Assignment 2 forum within the second week of
the assessment (in this case, the week 6 class) before you can start the modelling process.