Python代写|CS 352 Internet Technology Project #4: Reliable Communication over an Unreliable Network


Please read these instructions carefully before you begin.

In project 4, you will implement a reliable sender using an unreliable UDP socket. There are two programs provided in the project 4 archive: and You will only modify The program is a UDP sender that must implement the techniques of reliable delivery that we discussed during lecture to upload a fifile to the receiver. Specififically, you will implement reliability based on stop and wait and cumulative-ACK-based selective repeat. The program is a UDP receiver that is attempting to download a fifile transmitted by the sender over a lossy channel that may drop packets, ACKs, or both. We will test reliability by checking that the receiver’s version of the fifile matches exactly with the sender’s version of the fifile (there are a few samples provided in the project archive for your testing and reference). Unlike the prior projects, this project uses python3.