Python代写|COM3103 Assignment 2


Instruction: Build a Man vs Woman image classifier.

Follow the below guideline to install TensorFlow and Keras onto your computer

Download the two data files, and from Moodle. Unzip (decompress) them.

Download the program from Moodle. Place it in the same directory as your testing and training images folders. Study it.

Open it and update the name of your folder. (e.g. “training”).

Change the output Model name to s<your student id>_model.h5

(e.g, s190001.h1 if your student id is s190001)

Study the setting of the program, then start running it. It may take a while on slower computers without GPUs (such as our lab’s computers)

Option 1: Manual evaluation

Download the program Open it and modify the model name to the one that you have trained.

Where sXXXXXX should be your student ID.

Place this program together with your testing images (i.e. at the same folder). Test your model by entering the corresponding file names.

Do you have a good enough model?  If yes, congratulation!

If not, do the following:

Option 2: Automatic evaluation

Alternatively, if you prefer to do the evaluation automatically, you may use the program, which is also on Moodle. Place your man and woman testing images in two separate folders, and modify the path in the program accordingly. Also, do not forget to modify your model name

Try to get an accuracy of over 80% in your evaluation.