Python代写 | Internet Technology Assessed Coursework


The group project is based on Rango from the Tango with Django book. That is, you will use
the Rango version up to Chapter 10 as the basis for developing your own solution. How and
what you do with Rango is left entirely up to your team and you are free to let your imagination
go wild. However, your project should be developed using Python, Django, HTML, CSS and
associated technologies including Javascript, JQuery or AJAX, and should depart from the
Tango with Django book. Similarly, there are some basic expectations, as follows:

• the app should involve user authentication;
• it should certainly interact with a new model stored in the database;
• it should be visually appealing and have an intuitive user interface;
• overall the functionality supported should be rich enough in order to allow you to
demonstrate an understanding of the technologies listed above.

Working in a team

You should think about how the tasks associated with the development of your team’s web
app should be divided. Try to ensure that activities are assigned so that every member of the
team can be involved at all times. Here is a possible breakdown of responsibilities for a four-
person team (this is just an example and you should feel free to organize things differently if
you prefer):

1. user authentication, unit testing
2. models, Javascript, AJAX
4. templates and CSS

You should ensure that the latest version of the code is stored in a public Github repository.
Similarly, you should ensure that your final application addresses the following requirements:

• The application is deployed in your PC and runs without errors

• The requirements file is included and contains the correct packages
o Within your main project folder, you should include a file called requirements.txt that
can be used to install the relevant packages within a newly-created virtual environment
using pip install –r requirements.txt. You can create this file easily using pip
freeze > requirements.txt.

• Database / migrations files not included
o You should delete your database and migration files so that when your lecturer works
on deploying your application on a local machine, the database can be recreated from
scratch by making the relevant migrations and running your population script.

• Population script works and contains useful example data
o Create a population script called with enough relevant data in
your main project folder.

• Application can be deployed on marker’s own machine

• Main functionality has been implemented reflecting the design
o Here you should refer to your design specification to ensure that the functionality
provided is consistent with what was envisaged; if not, make sure to reflect on this in
your video demonstration!