Python代写|5001CEM Software Engineering Assignment Brief


An auction site where users can upload details of items they no longer want and bid for things they
want. All the items for sale need to be stored in a database.

The system should include the data for at least 5 items for sale for each registered seller. These
items should include realistic details including photos. The customer details should also be valid.

You are required to create the following accounts to allow the system to be tested. All accounts
should have the password p455w0rd:

1. seller1
2. seller2

After logging in, the user should see a Sell new item link or button. This takes them to a screen
where they can enter the details of an item they want to see. it should request the following pieces
of information:

1. The item name.
2. A photo that will be uploaded.
3. A multi-line description.

The database should add the date and time the item was added as well as the username of the
person adding it.

If a user is logged in there should be a second button labelled My items. Clicking on this button
should display all the items the user is selling. The following information should be displayed:

1. The item name.
2. A thumbnail photo.
3. The date the item was added (but not the time).

The homepage should display a list of all the items for sale, showing the following information:

1. The item name.
2. A thumbnail photo.
3. The date the item was added (but not the time).
4. The username of the person selling the item.

1. When a user creates a new account they should be prompted for a phone number and
email address

2. If a user is logged in there should be a More information link or button next to each item
on the homepage. This should take them to a product details page that displays:

i. The item name.
ii. The full-size photo.
iii. The complete multi-line description.
iv. The date added.
v. The seller’s phone number.
vi. The seller’s email address.

3. If a user accesses their My items screen there should be a Sold link or button that flags
the item as being sold. If this is clicked, the item should not be displayed on the home
screen but should still appear in the My Items screen but be clearly labelled as sold and
should no longer show the Sold button or link.

This feature requires you to make changes to the functionality by implementing an online auction

1. There should be no contact details shared with other users, instead you need to implement
a bidding system:

i. All auctions have the same duration
ii. On the details page there should be a Place Bid link or button that takes the user to
a screen where they are asked for the maximum bid they want to make
iii. If this is the only bid, this is the current bid but if there are multiple bids the
current bid is 10p higher than the amount bid by the second highest bidder
iv. The current bid should be displayed on both the home and product details page

2. Users should not need to log in to see the list of items but unless they do they won’t be
able to make any bids