Opencv代写 | Implementation of the technique

本次德国代写主要为opencv node.js 代码相关的assignment

As out course consisted out of two parts (1: Human detection, tracking and recognition using OpenCV; and 2: GUI development using Node.js) the projects must be concentrating on one of these topics. Since I wish that all of you will receive good grades for the course, I allow you to chose the topic of the project yourself. It should be related either to part 1 or to part 2. You are allowed to work in groups upto max 2 students in a group. Please e-mail me the topic of your project till Monday 17th of May.

Next, the project must include practical and theoretical parts. The practical part – is the implementation of your project (if part1 – should be C++ or Python project; if part 2 – should be Javascript Node.js project) The practical part must be submitted via GitHub: Jacobs University (non-official) (

The theoretical part is the report describing the practical part. The report should be approximately 10 pages long but may have any length, describe all the math behind your project and include a short instruction how to run your project, plus if you worked in a group, include a paragraph describing in detail who was doing what in the project. (Please, do not write that both authors contributed in equal way to all the part of the project).