MIPS代写 | CSC258 Assembly Final Project: Doodle Jump

CSC258 Assembly Final Project: Doodle Jump

In this project, we will implement the popular mobile
game Doodle Jump using MIPS assembly. You may
familiarize yourself with the game here.
Since we don’t have access to physical computers with
MIPS processors (see MIPS guide here), we will test
our implementation in a simulated environment within
MARS, i.e., a simulated bitmap display and a simulated
keyboard input.
Game Controls
There are two buttons used to control the Doodler while in midair:
● The “j” key makes the Doodler
move to the left,
● The “k” key makes the Doodler
move to the right.
This project will use the Keyboard and
MMIO Simulator to take in these
keyboard inputs. In addition to the
keys listed above, the “s” key will be
used to start and restart the game as
When no key is pressed, the Doodler
falls straight down until it hits a platform or the bottom of the screen. If it hits a
platform, the Doodler bounces up high into the air, but if the Doodler hits the
bottom of the screen, the game ends.
Project Goals
This handout describes the basic contents and behaviours of the game. If you
implement something similar, you’ll get part marks for this project. To get full
credit, you will need to implement additional features to bring it closer to the actual
game. More details on this below.