Kotlin代写 | 2020-HS2-COS30017/COS80019-Software Development for Mobile Devices

这个作业是用Kotlin开发一个名为”My town”的app
2020-HS2-COS30017/COS80019-Software Development for Mobile Devices

Aim and Context
This app reads data from a file and shows it in a list. When an item is clicked, further info is shown
to the user.
1. Start with planning and researching. This will include working through the tutorial exercises
and quizzes. Outline and describe the major things you will need to do to create your app.
2. Develop an app that meets criteria as shown below.
3. The report needs to cover key knowledge gaps that are covered in this task, along with
answers to requested questions. You are also welcome to include other gaps you learned that
are not explicitly focused on this task.
Split different knowledge gaps into different sections with snippets of code (and written
descriptions/captions) presenting both the knowledge gap and the solution that addresses it.
Include references/links to sources that can assist with the knowledge gaps as well.
Have a recommendations section for any other related knowledge gaps, outlining about what
you might try to address it in the future.