Python代写|Project Vaccination debate on Twitter


Choose an individual project from the list below, as discussed individually in the class to met your skill set, research the topic and define the problem your solution addresses, define your algorithm or analysis method, develop the solution (data analysis, mapping), and write a 3,000 word report including images, graphs or screenshots demonstrating the outcome of your solution. Include bibliographic references from your research to back up your arguments. The word count is all inclusive, 10% allowance (2,700 – 3,300) is permissible (excluded references).

Submit the developed solution and results in a readable format (graphs, maps, code screenshots, tables, including code description) and the report via Moodle by Monday 6th January 2022.

Recommend structure:

Marking scheme

(To be discussed in class.)

(a)   Problem definition (clarity and relevance of the problem): 20%

(b)   Project solution (algorithm, working implementation, results correctness and creativity): 50%.

(c) Report (content, information correctness, structure, flow, language, and grammar): 30%

Minus 10% of the pre-penalty mark if the report is outside the word limit, but this penalty cannot change your mark from a pass to a fail. 

Project 2

Vaccination debate on Twitter

Research how Twitter is increasingly providing a wide reaching social media for distorted arguments about vaccination spread by anti-vaccines pressure groups.

Download Twitter datasets from

debating the HPV vaccine controversy in 2015-2016 and analyse the Tweets using a SW package of your choice (ML classifier, database package, R, statistical / mixed methods in excel, etc) – try to identify themes, geographic coverage and focus on pro/against users around pivotal events – e.g. situation in Japan and Ireland, or other.

In your report, discuss the importance of vaccination from public health perspective and the role mass media have been playing in contradicting the public health message. Discuss the importance of the ‘MMR vaccine causes autism’ misinformation in 2000, focus on the role Internet and recently social media have played in corroding public confidence in vaccination and propose ways forward.