C++代写|HW3 – Inverse Kinematics

这是一篇台湾的C++ OpenGL含报告代码代写

○The last movable bone

○The bone that touches the ball


○ void forwardKinematics(…)

○Eigen::VectorXf leastSquareSolver(…)

○ void inverseKinematics(…)

○ Take rotation limit of bones into consideration in void inverseKinematics

■Implement forward kinematics, which is similiar to HW2

■Find solution of linear least squares system, which will be needed for inverse kinematics

■You might use some pseudo-inverse methods such as SVD

■There are some built-in functions in Eigen that you can use

■Eigen::Matrix3Xf means a matrix with 3 rows and unknown columns

■Eigen::VectorXf means a vector with unknown size

■Implement inverse kinematics

■We use inverse-Jacobain method in this homework

■Review “kinematics.pptx” from p.20 – p.50

■Review “acclaim_FK_IKnote.pdf” Inverse Kinematics part

■Traverse from end bone to start bone

■You can check struct Bone in bone.h (in include folder)

○ Introduction/Motivation

○ Fundamentals

○ Implementation

○ Result and Discussion

■How different step and epsilon affect the result

■Touch the target or not

■Least square solver

○ Bonus (Optional)

○ Conclusion