Android代写 | INFS3634 Android App Development (Homework)

Information Systems and
Technology Management
Assignment Name: INFS3634 Week 3 Lab
Assignment Type: Android App Development (Homework)
Assignment Weight: 3 Marks
Group/Team Structure: Individual Lab
Assignment Dates: Homework assignment will be marked by tutors in the respective tutorial
in Week 4
Assignment Description: Double Dice Roller
You are responsible for developing a dice rolling game app. Since there exist already several
dice rolling apps on the Google Play store, you are asked to develop an app that rolls two
dices simultaneously. The app should simulate the double dice roll on the press of a button.
The app must display the outcome of the double dice roll in the form of three results: the result
of dice one, the results of dice two and the sum of the results of the two dice rolls.
Assignment Requirements:
▪ Mobile application developed for the Android platform
▪ A dice roll algorithm simulating two simultaneous dice rolls
▪ A simple user interface displaying a button to run the dice roll algorithm and multiple
UI elements to display the outcome
▪ Running Android app presented individually in class on your own laptop
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