Web代写 | SIT313 – Developing Client-Server Web Applications



This task intends to provide you with experience in React JSX and React Components. You are given the wireframe of the home page of iService Web Application.

You will find “Topic Videos and Demo Videos” of Week 7 and Week 8 on the unit site to be particularly useful as a reference for this task. Please also keep an eye on your email and any announcements that may be made on Cloud Deakin.

Submission Details

You must ensure that all your project files used for this task sit in a directory called “Task 10.1P”in OneDrive/GitHub/Bitbucket. A link to the demo video of your task page loading and running must be submitted. Please put all links including the screenshot of your webpage in one PDF file and submit it using the task submission page to OnTrack. Please make sure that I and Dinesh have access to the folder/repository. This is an individual assignment, and you should submit by 8pm AEST, Friday, 24 Sep 2021, (Week 10).


You need to design a home page using React as shown in the wireframe. This wireframe is the minimum design requirements in terms of components but not limited to. You can have your own design and add more interesting components.

• Each single part must be designed as a single component which is responsible for one single responsibility.

• For featured experts as cards, you must use array and map function as shown in Week8 Demo Videos.

• You are allowed to use Semantic UI React or similar packages.

• You are allowed to use packages like faker or websites like picsum for random text, images and logos.