Web代写 | INFO101: Website project

INFO101: Website project
Website for [company name]1
, a sustainable touring company.
The company will be an online business providing guided tours around Wellington, operated by friends Bill Colenso and
Xiulan Ma. They are yet to set up their website and have enlisted your help with this task. The company will provide environmentally sustainable tours in and around the Wellington region, using carbon neutral
transport (e.g. on foot, by scooters or bicycles, and electric vehicle). The kinds of tours on offer will cover the natural
history of the region, organic food and beverage outlets, Māori culture and history, as well as Wellington’s significant
sites, such as the Cable Car and Te Papa.
Bill and Xiulan believe that this kind of sustainability-focused business model is an increasingly significant factor in
consumers’ purchase decisions2
, so it’s important to Bill and Xiulan that their customers know how the company is caring
for the environment and promoting sustainability. They want this message to be clear in the website.
Bill and Xiulan also want their website to show the full range of tours they will provide and allow customers to book those
tours online, however, they need your advice to help them go about this in a way that is friendly to the user, and that
promotes the brand and mission of their company. Bill and Xiulan are also aware that their website must be interesting,
informative and well-structured.
Your task:
Your task for this project is to complete the design of the website for Bill and Xiulan’s online business; this includes
coming up with the company name, using the information in the company description (above), incorporating the kinds
of tours the company will offer (you can come up with more tours if you like, Bill and Xiulan are open to ideas!), and,
creating the content and layout for the website.
The website should have a clear target audience and purpose, it should be informative and offer clear insight into what
services the company offers, and it should be easily navigable by the user.
The pages of the website should be consistent (i.e. font, colour, and formatting) to give a comfortable user experience.
The branding for the website should also be clear and should be exhibited throughout all pages of the website.
Importantly, the user should feel that their experience is unique, which means that you’ll need to get creative. Try to set
your design apart from the design of websites for other tour companies.
You are also expected to display a variety of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and further elements throughout your webpages.
You need to create a name for this company- be creative!
2 A purchase decision is a series of factors you consider when choosing to buy a product or service
The website will need to contain:
1. An “index.html” page. On this page you will write a brief “who we are” story about the company and the
company’s mission. Include contact information for the company.
2. A services page: Display the range of tours the company currently offers, along with dates and availability. This
should include information about the guide who will lead the tour, length of the tour, level of fitness required,
and starting point.
3. A FAQ page which shows a list of answers to questions customers frequently ask, e.g. “what if it’s raining, what
should I wear?”
4. A customer booking page: This page will contain a form that permits potential customers to book a tour by
entering personal details including address and credit card number. One or more ‘buttons’ should be present
(i.e. “Book now!” “Contact us!” or anything else you think of), it/they should call a JavaScript function.
You will be expected to integrate content from your workshop exercises; as outlined in the marking rubric (page 3) the
skills you have learnt in the workshops will form the basis of assessment. However, if you want to integrate HTML, CSS
and/or JavaScript elements from outside of the workshop guides, in addition to your learnings from the course, you are
welcome to3
In your Website Project folder on Blackboard there is a zip folder containing: 4xHTML. 1xJS, and 1xCSS. Note that you
will need to extract the zip and save the individual files within the same folder in your computer in order to use the files
correctly. You may choose to use this as a starting point, or you can begin on your own.
If there is any part of this brief, project, or code you are not sure of, please refer to your workshop materials and/or post
questions on the Blackboard discussion board.
Submission Instructions:
For the submission of this assignment, you’ll need to save all your website files (4x HTML, 1x CSS and 1x JS file, plus any
image files you use in the project) inside a Zipped folder, then, submit that folder through Blackboard.

Note the following:
1. When uploading your file please follow the submission guide on Blackboard. This guide is in the same content
area as this assignment brief and submission link.
2. We strongly advise you to submit your work a few days before the deadline.
3. We cannot ‘pre-mark’ assignments (i.e. tell you, in advance, whether your assignment is likely to achieve a high
4. Any projects submitted after the due time will incur a late penalty, and any submissions made 5 days (or more)
after the due date will not be accepted for grading.
5. A reminder that a ‘credible attempt’ of this assignment is a mandatory course requirement; meaning you must
submit this assignment to pass this course.
3 You’ll need to make sure to reference any ‘borrowed’ code if you do this, so check out the resources on Blackboard to check you’re
doing that correctly.
The requirements of your website are:
Content Grade contribution
(10% total)
Target & Purpose: The user should be able to understand what the company does from
reading the ‘Welcome’ blurb on the home page.
Information: All information in the website should offer accurate and clear insight for the
user about the company and the tours offered
Text: The fonts and effects should be stylistically appropriate, and professional in
Spelling & Grammar: All text on the site should be readable to the user and should exhibit
no (spelling and grammar) errors.
User: It should be clear that the user needs have been the influence of all components in
your web design

Structure & Layout Grade contribution
(10% total)
Consistency: The user should experience a consistent layout (colour, text, format) across
the whole website.

Branding: The user should see a connection between the brand and the set of colours used
in the website (using appropriate colours)
Creativity: Website should feel unique to the user 3
Navigation: The user should be able to navigate the website easily (e.g. go to different
webpages, return to the home page etc.)

Code Elements Grade contribution
(10% total)
HTML: Student has provided a variety of HTML elements throughout website 3
CSS: Student has provided a variety of CSS elements throughout website 2
Javascript: Student has provided a working use of Javascript. Function must contain “if”
statement, variable (“var”) & operator (“Op”)
Elements: Student has integrated a variety of elements (images, hyperlinks, maps, tables