WEB代写 | CP3402 Assignment 1



Design, create and publish websites for your own startup idea using two different well-known CMSs.
“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not
guaranteed” says Neil Blumenthal, cofounder and co-CEO of Warby Parker.

Wikipedia says a startup is an entrepreneurial venture or a new business designed to search for a
repeatable and scalable business model. It is not just a new business… So, your idea must have some
innovative and novel aspect to it. Examples of business ideas that are NOT startups include: online clothing
store, hair dressing salon, IT consultancy, website design company, restaurant, gym… Those are all “tried
and true” or “normal” businesses where the solution is obvious, and are therefore not suitable for your
assignment topic.

Here is a list of startups if you need some ideas: AngleList’s 52 startups to watch out for 2020
Your idea can be new or something you have used before, and it can be fictitious or real, as long as you
have not already made a website for it (you cannot re-use or re-make an existing site).

Choice of CMS:

You must use “proper” self-hosted CMSs (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), NOT site builders or
WYSIWYG systems like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc. You may not use wordpress.com, which is hosted by
wordpress.com, not something you could move to a different host if you chose. If your chosen system does
not have an export/backup feature, then it is not suitable for this assignment.


The two sites should have the same content and structure but do not need to be identical. They should look
as similar as practical, but you do not need to create custom themes/templates. You can use any available
designs, but they should be appropriate for your goal and target audience. As an idea of what is meant by
“similar”, you should be able to describe the site and how to use it to anyone and they could see/use either
site with no trouble. E.g. if you said, “click on the blue About Us link at the top”, that should work for both


Most of the content is up to you, but it must be suitable and complete. You must create the content
yourself. Even if it’s a fictitious idea, you can’t copy from somewhere else. This could include: details of your
product or service (but you don’t need a working product/service!) like features, benefits, pricing,
comparisons, contact information, privacy/legal statements… and it should have a clear goal (with calls-to-

Some content requirements:

• You must include a short video that you make for your startup. This does not need to be fancy or
take a long time – you could just record it on a phone or digital camera that you get your dog to

• You need some kind of team page that describes the team behind the startup. This team must
include you as one of the members and you should have your own realistic bio for your goal career.
That is, think about how you might describe your future self (in 5 or 10 years) and write as if you’ve
achieved that. (This is an intentional exercise for you to focus on your own career goals.)

• You need to choose, install and use at least one additional plugin/extension that is not provided in a
base install of each CMS (these do not need to be the same) to provide some useful extra
functionality to enhance your sites.