Web代写 | Advanced Web Application Development

这个Assignment是用Rails 完成一个团队web应用
Advanced Web Application Development
Group Assignment
Deadline: 23.59 Friday, February 21, 2020
The aim of this assignment is to assess your knowledge and advanced skills in developing an application in Rails as
part of a small team.
In your team you are to develop and implement an application that meets the following criteria:
1. to work as a team of 2 or 3 people on a Rails 5+ application with at least two linked tables. [10 marks]
2. to base your application on a suitable open data source, and to display data in appropriate user
determined graphs, charts, or other means. [10 marks]
3. to integrate other live application data to put your ‘thing’ into context. This might mean using Google
Maps, or other appropriate source to supplement your main data set – but not Twitter. [10 marks]
4. to provide appropriate API for users to obtain JSON objects from your app. [10 marks]
5. to provide different page layouts depending upon the device being used. [10 marks]
6. to provide a good code base, making appropriate use of the MVC model. [10 marks]
7. to work on different branches of the application at the same time as another developer in your team, and
to merge different branches into a single Git branch. [10 marks]
8. to publish the application on Heroku in a ‘team space’. [10 marks]
9. to document the design, development, implementation, installation and use of the application in the
form of a one-page final report, and in the readme.md file. [10 marks]
10. to present your app to you fellow students in class [10 marks]
Category points
3 points, attempted but broken; 5 points, working basics; 7 points, advanced working; 10 points, extras
1. 3 for rails app started and not working, 5 points for working with two or more linked tables, 7, (list plus
item pages), 10 points for working using wider range of components
2. 3 for displaying open data, 5 for comparing open data, 7 using graphs & charts, 10 analysis doing
something more
3. other live data but doesn’t need to be maps: 3 attempted google maps, 5 for positioning onto map, 7
points for positioning with heat maps from open data, 10 for something more challenging
4. 3 for attempted API calls, 5 with some JSON returned, 7 points with list and item JSON, 10 more options
5. using bootstrap or use something else, 3 for attempted bootstrap, 5 for working bootstrap, 7 for
bootstrap without tables, 10 for more
6. 3 for basic MVC, 5 points for some repetition, 7 for code in ‘best’ place MVC, 10 for more
7. 3 git log, 5 points git log with multiple names, 7 git log showing merges, 10 for more
8. 3 for attempted heroku deploy, 5 deployed to heroku, 7 deploy with postgresql, 10 for more
9. 3 for documents (readme and decisions), 5 why & how app developed, 7 user/app details, 10 for more
10. 3 for basic presentation, 5 points for engaging one, 7 for demo plus engaging audience, 10 for more
• One group design and development report with everyone’s name on it, along with readme.md template.
• Your presentation
• Application code whereby there should be means to identify which members created which code.
• A signed and scanned statement allocating marks between team members.
• Git log
Ideas for Applications
Look at the list of climate and development open sources at from the general assessment pages and use the data
in an interesting way. Consider how you can use the ‘show’ page to put your ‘thing’ in context with the rest of the
data you have. It’s one of x, in category y – how big are these other sets, how many things share similar attributes,
or where is this ‘thing’ on a map? What else can it connect with? Can you compare it to other ‘things’ to show
them side-by-side? Aim for completeness of concept to pull data together not breadth of coverage – deeper is
better than wider for this assessment.
Submission Details
Please submit the group report with all team member names, git log, code, and other files, as one zipped file
(labelled as your team name) and uploaded to MyAberdeen.