Unix代写 | COSC 1133 Assignment 2

COSC 1133 Assignment 2

Requirement 1 – Code Quality (10 Marks)
An important part of the management of Linux installations is to use shell scripts in combination
with the right choice of system programs. Many of the skills you will learn in this assignment are
using programs you would use for system maintenance. You should use standard Unix utilities to
fulfil each requirement.
Your scripts must be written using the bash shell scripting language with the addition of utilities
such as grep, awk and sed. In particular you should not use python or perl scripting languages
(some students had some confusion about this in the past) – use of tools other than those
approved will result in getting no marks for the code. If you are unsure whether a tool you are
using is acceptable, please ask on the discussion board.
All scripts written for this assignment should be written with the appropriate preamble.
normal user as ./scriptname where “scriptname” is the name you have given the script. All paths
to executables need to be specified by constants at the beginning of your script, you should
quote variables to avoid certain kinds of issues with the shell, variables should have meaningful
names, should be local if they are not required for the sharing of information. Also, functions
should be used for all longer or more complex scripts.

Requirement 2 – Code Commenting and Program Manpage (10 Marks)
This requirement is broken into two parts – comments and user documentation. You are
expected to provide comments sufficient so that a maintainer of your code will be able to
understand what you are trying to do solely from the comments. There should be file level,
function level and inline comments in the code which clearly show your intention. The idea is not
to go overboard with this, but it does need to be sufficient so that a maintainer can understand
your intentions. You should also identify yourself in all files. Please see the lecture notes for
required details on what is expected in the program header comment in each file.
You are also expected to provide user documentation which explains to a user how to use your
program. Your user documentation should follow the standard manpage format (one man page
for each script).
Requirement 3: Kernel Compilation (10 Marks)
You are to follow the instructions in the week 7 lab to compile and install a Linux kernel. You will
need to install a bootable kernel and boot from it using that guide. You will need to remove
support for cameras and video devices and append your student number to the kernel version
so that it will show up when “uname -r” is typed at the command prompt.
Please note you will not be submitting the kernel itself but rather a script that will handle the
build process as specified in the following requirements. It should be easy for a systems
administrator to modify your script for different versions of the Raspberry Pi.