Unity3D代写 | EECS 4462 Assignment 4

EECS 4462 Assignment 4

To get started
Identify a Unity 3D game that you would like to add sound to. This can be a game you found
online, a game you wrote, or one of the Unity sample games. It will need to have sufficient
complexity to implement the required features (see below) in a meaningful way, but it does not
have to be very complex, i.e. one scene with a couple of different rooms is probably sufficient.
What to do
Collect sound effects and background music (see links on the course webpage), record narration
or dialogue using your own voice1
, and add sound to your game!
Your final submission must have the following features:
1. It must contain all three aspects of video game sound, i.e. music, sound effects, and dialogue/narration.
2. It must demonstrate both instances of 3D sound (volume is relative to position changes of
the audio listener) and 2D sound (volume is unchanged regardless of position).
3. All sounds must have appropriate reverb settings. The reverb settings must change at least
once, e.g. when the player enters a new room.
4. It must demonstrate randomization for repeated events, e.g. laser shots by non-playing
characters are randomly pitch shifted so they do not all sound the same.
5. The background music must change at least once, e.g. when the player enters a new room.
The transition must be smooth, using fade in/out, or a stinger.
6. It must demonstrate an instance of “ducking”, e.g. lowering the volume of music, so dialogue can be heard easier.
7. At least one of the sound effects in the game must change based on the state of the game,
e.g. when the player starts walking on water the footstep sound changes.