Unity游戏代写|Project Part B Marking schedule


Scene pathway starts from left extreme and ends at right extreme. The description below is based on this assumption. It is possible to have multiple entrance paths on the left extreme and/or multiple exit paths on the right extreme. If multiple paths are designed in the map, then by using random number, each enemy object can decide which location it is going to spawn from and/or exit to.

With multiple paths, they must join into one and can split later. This would allow the player to deploy towers on the junction and play strategically.

Each level also consists of nine waves.

Towers provide support for the player. Their fire only damages the enemies and not the towers or other structures. They can only be placed at pre-defined marked locations. Player has the choice of populating these locations, based on a currency which is collected by destroying enemies over time.

A scene can consist of any number of installed towers (chosen by the player during the level).

Towers can be sold for half the purchase cost. Each tower is activated when the enemy is within their radius-of-interest. Few examples of towers are,

When any of the tower is deployed, or selected, a circle around it is rendered to indicate its region of interest. This would allow a player to plan and place towers strategically.

Per wave there are gang of six similar enemy characters trying to cross the terrain. Each next wave consists of stronger, or faster enemy characters. Their strength can be visually represented by their increased size (and them being able to survive after taking more damage).

An enemy enters the scene in walk animation. Enemy belonging to first wave can receive 3 hits from a ballista tower (or 2 hits from canon tower) before dying. The dying has the fall animation after which the enemy object should disappear, and its AI is deactivated. Health of each enemy object is represented by its health bar which is only visible when it is receiving damage. Enemy cannot attack towers.

Each level/map consists of some random magical locations. These should be illustrated to the player with unique symbols on random locations. There are 3 magical abilities expected in each level,consisting of,

Wave’s structure in a level is indicated in the table below. Note that A, B and C are unique enemy assets. And Boss asset is different from A, B and C assets.

If you are working in a group of 2, then A, B, and C can be the same in both the levels. However,each level should consist of a unique Boss asset.