python opencv代写 | COMP3419 Graphics and Multimedia Assignment-2 Option-1

本次澳洲代写是python opencv视频处理相关的一个assignment

Option-1: Intelligent Animation

1 Key Information

• The mark of “COMP3419 Assignment-2 Multimedia Project (Option-1: Intelligent Ani-mation)” will be given on canvas submission. Due time: before 23:59, Saturday of Week 13 (13-Nov-2021).

• This individual assignment is worth 16% of your final assessment.

• SampleData: can be found from Canvas.

• Submission Deliverables: Students are asked to create a zip file of all deliverables, includ-ing a project report (written in LATEX), all source code, and an output video. Please be aware of the following submission restrictions that (1) this zip file should be named as

“” where xxxxxxx denotes the student ID

(e.g., “SID450003419_Asgmt2Opt1”), and (2) this information (“SIDxxxxxxx_Asgmt2Opt1”) should also be displayed as red text in top-left corner of the output video. Failing to follow these restrictions or missing of output video would cause a 5-mark penalty.

• Students’ assignments will only be marked if all deliverables can be accessed from the Canvas System, and they can be runnable following instructions provided in README txt file. Once plagiarism detected by the Canvas system, the student will receive no mark immediately, as well as other related penalties from university.

• A README txt file (to describe the steps/instructions regarding how to get their source code running to derive the expected outputs) would help markers get familiar with the submission.

2 General Marking Policy

Late Submission Policy

For the late submission cases, penalties will be assigned according to the university wide late penalties for assignment Clause 7A of the Assessment Procedures. Special Consideration and Arrangements

While you are studying, there may be circumstances or essential commitments that impact your academic performance. Our special consideration and special arrangements process is there to support you in these situations. More information on how to lodge the special consideration application, can be found from this webpage.

3 Introduction

The aim of this individual assignment (Assignment-2 Option-1) is to program a short creative animation video clip involving digital video processing, compositing and 2D animation techniques. The output video is a piece of animation based on a provided video clip. You are welcome to use ANY programming languages to complete this assignment.

4 Main Objectives & Milestones

4.1 Story Development and Scriptwriting

There are always creative ideas and great stories behind any great visual project. You have the freedom to express you creativity in this assignment, and you need to prepare an in-text story as the initial step of the development of your intelligent animation video (in LATEX technical report; suggested in 200 – 300 words; no more than 500 words). Your story must include the following key elements:

• scene description – background replaced to match your story.

• the main character – a marionette whose motions controlled by our input video provided.

• two side characters – intelligent objects owning independent behaviours or moving trajectories. • two events – randomly triggered to change interactions between characters or their behaviours. This milestone would be marked within Sec 4.6.

4.2 Motion Capture

[2%] The body of a monkey is labelled with red markers. Segment the red markers/the monkey and use the coordinates of them to track the body motions. Some morphological operations might be helpful to enhance the segmentation of the red markers. Design a data structure to represent the sequence of the captured body motions. Students are allowed to scale the entire of (or parts of) the body structure to make it fit in their own stories more appropriately.

4.3 Replace Background and Marionette

[1%] Background replacement. Replace the blue background with your own background, which is programmed to change dynamically – it can be triggered by the events, or at a specific/random time-point, or depends on the motion/behaviour of the characters, and etc.

[1%] Marionette development. Render your own character to replace the moving monkey according to the captured motions in a new video. You should simulate the gestures of the monkey as much as you could. The replaced character should have at least five connected components, including a body, two arms and two legs.