Python AI代写|COMP2611 Coursework 1 Search Algorithms


You task is to investigate the effectiveness of a variety of different search algorithms (and option
settings) for solving: (A) the 8-puzzle problem; and (B) a simple task planning problem that
might be assigned to a robot worker.

You are recommended to work on and submit your assignment as a pair (i.e. two students
together). But you may also do the assignment on your own.

Provided you have kept up with the lectures and gone through the Search Exercises, I would
expect that working alone you can produce a report that will get you a pass mark in around 5
hours. Of course, gaining a high grade is likely to take considerably longer. Working as a pair
probably won’t save much time, but you may prefer to do it that way.

Your preliminary work for before starting this assignment should be to study the Search Exercise
interactively executable notebook files that I have provided and can be accessed via a folder within
the Learning Resources area of the module’s Minerva pages.

The overall structure of your assignment task is as follows:

This can be done working within the Search Exercise 6 notebook. You can use the notebook
directly online, but take care to save your own code and results.

1. Design a sequence of tests that show the strengths and weaknesses of different
search algorithms when applied to the 8-Puzzle problem. [2 marks]

2. Present results in the form of one or more tables. [6 marks]

3. Give a list of key observations as concise bullet points. [4 marks]

4. Define your own misplaced tiles and manhattan heuristic functions. [4 marks]

These are available for exceptional features of the work done in addressing the require
ments (e.g. particularly well-presented results or interesting observations). [6 marks]

Starting with the code given in the Search Exercise 5 notebook create and investigate your
own robot worker scenario. A relatively small modification of the given scenario is sufficient.

Take care not to increase the complexity of the problem too much (If there are too many
choices, the algorithms may fail to solve even apparently simple problems.)

1. Design and describe a robot worker scenario. [3 marks]
2. Describe and implement a heuristic suitable for your scenario. [3 marks]
3. Investigate algorithms and present results in table form. [3 marks]
4. Give key findings as concise bullet points. [3 marks]
{ Extra Marks: Available for exceptional work going beyond the basic requirements
(e.g. more complex scenarios, clever heuristics, interesting results). [6 marks]
[40 marks total]

Read on for further details, suggestions and tips.