python视觉分析代写 | Introduction to Computer Vision (ECSE 415) Assignment 4


Please submit your assignment solutions electronically via the myCourses assignment dropbox. The submission should include a single jupyter notebook. More details on the format of the submission can be found below. Submissions that do not follow the format will be penalized 10%. Attempt all parts of this assignment. The assignment will be graded out of total of 100 points. You can use OpenCV and Numpy library functions for all parts of the assignment except stated otherwise. Students are expected to write their own code. (Academic integrity guidelines can be found at academicrights/integrity). Assignments received up to 24 hours late will be penalized by 30%. Assignments received more than 24 hours late will not be graded. Note that this assignment is optional. If you choose not to submit this assignment only the first three assignments will be used in determining your course grade.

Submission Instructions

1. Submit a single jupyter notebook consisting of the solution of the entire assignment.

2. Comment your code appropriately.

3. Do not forget to run Markdown cells.

4. Do not submit input/output images. Output images should be displayed in the jupyter notebook itself. Assume input images are kept in the same directory as the codes.

5. Make sure that the submitted code is running without error. Add a README file if required.

6. If external libraries were used in your code please specify their name and version in the README file.

7. We are expecting you to make a path variable at the beginning of your codebase. This should point to your working local (or google drive) folder.

Ex. If you are reading an image as following: img = cv2.imread(’/content/drive/My Drive/Assi 2/images/Circles.png’), Then you should convert it into the following: path = ’/content/drive/My Drive/Assi 2/images/’. Your path variable should be defined at the top of your jupyter notebook. While grading, we are expecting that we just have to change the path variable once and it should allow us to run your solution smoothly. Specify, your path variable in the README file.

8. Answers to reasoning questions should be comprehensive but concise.

9. Submissions that do not follow the format will be penalized 10%.