Python图算法代写 | FIT2004 S1/2021: Assignment 4 – Graph Algorithms


This assignment achieves the Learning Outcomes of:

In addition, you will develop the following employability skills:

Assignment timeline

In order to be successful in this assessment, the following steps are provided as a suggestion.
This is an approach which will be useful to you both in future units, and in industry.

1. Read the assignment specification as soon as possible and write out a list of questions
you have about it.

2. Clarify these questions. You can go to a consultation, talk to your tutor, discuss the tasks
with friends or ask in the forums.

3. As soon as possible, start thinking about the problems in the assignment.

It is strongly recommended that you do not write code until you have a solid feeling
for how the problem works and how you will solve it.

4. Writing down small examples and solving them by hand is an excellent tool for coming
to a better understanding of the problem.

As you are doing this, you will also get a feel for the kinds of edge cases your code
will have to deal with.

5. Write down a high level description of the algorithm you will use.

6. Determine the complexity of your algorithm idea, ensuring it meets the requirements.

1. Think of test cases that you can use to check if your algorithm works.

2. Code up your algorithm, (remember decomposition and comments) and test it on the
tests you have thought of.

3. Try to break your code. Think of what kinds of inputs you could be presented with which
your code might not be able to handle.

For this assignment (and all assignments in this unit) you are required to document and com-
ment your code appropriately. This documentation/commenting must consist of (but is not
limited to)