Python代写 | Personal Consumptions Expenditures Assignment


Dataset description:

PCE: Personal consumptions expenditures is the primary measure of consumer spending on goods and services in the US economy. This accounts for 2/3 of domestic spending and this is the primary engine that drives future economic growth 

AHE: Average hourly earnings is reported in dollars per hour and is reported monthly

PCEPI Personal consumptions expenditures price index is a measure of the average increase in prices for all domestic personal consumption. A major inflationary measure in the United States

Part 1 – 20 pts Exploratory Data Analysis

Part 2 – 40 pts Granger Causality

Part 3 – 40 pts VARMA modeling

8 pts What is the advantage of this VAR model? What would ARIMA or prophet models on this dataset look like, if we were asked to forecast AHE?