Python代写 | COMP1501A Introduction to Computer Game Design

COMP1501A (Winter 2020)  “Introduction to Computer Game Design”
Specification for Assignment 4 of 4
Your submission for this assignment will have both a document component and a
programming component. The former must be a single pdf document with the filename
‘comp1501_w20_#########_a4_walkthrough_and_map.pdf’ and the latter must be a
Python 3 program with the main file named ‘’.
These files must be compressed into a “zip” file and uploaded to cuLearn before the deadline.
Late assignments will not be accepted and will receive a mark of 0.
The due date for this assignment is Thursday, April 9, 2020, by 11:00 pm.
For this final assignment, you will write a text-based adventure game (i.e., a piece of
“interactive fiction”) with an emphasis on storyline, worldbuilding, and the development of
an rich setting populated with a cast of believable characters. Your genre and a tagline will
be provided separately, having been either selected by you (if you placed near the top in the
assignment 3 tournament) or assigned randomly, but your first task – the development of
your own text-based adventure game framework – can be completed independent of your
Before you begin working on this assignment, you are required to playthrough
You must also read the “Introduction to Interactive Fiction” posted to cuLearn and
originally available from Emily Short’s blog at
Please ensure that you also understand and observe the following additional requirements:
1. Your submission for this assignment must be a text-based adventure game. No images
of any kind are permitted and you may not use pygame (or curses, or any other game
development module) in creating your solution. You may not use any ASCII art either
and your game must be played entirely in a single, monochromatic terminal window
with no special effects whatsoever. This constraint is in place to ensure that the only
avenue available to you for conveying your plot, setting, and characters is through the
construction of meticulous and thoughtful descriptions.
2. Although the most basic plot details have been provided, you must ensure that your
“finer” plot details, setting description, obstacles, non-player characters, and
available actions are all consistent with the expectations associated with your
assigned genre and tagline.
3. Your main storyline must be divided into at least 10 objectives and you must have a
scoring system (i.e., report a number to indicate how far the player has progressed).
COMP1501A (Winter 2020)  “Introduction to Computer Game Design”
Specification for Assignment 4 of 4
4. Your game world must consist of at least 25 different “regions” and each region must
be described for the user. To clarify, it would not be acceptable for your game to
describe the current location of the player using simple sentences like “You are in
room 3”.
5. Once your game has described the current region to the player you must prompt the
player for a verb phrase that is used by the player to explain what they would like
their avatar to do in the game world. Your game would then process this verb phrase
and adjust the game world (i.e., player position, player inventory, status of other
objects in the game world, etc.) accordingly.
6. Your player must be able to move around in your game world and your game world
can be either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. You may use the “classic”
approach of having the player simply specify N, S, E, or W, or you may do something
more elaborate (i.e., climb stairs, descend ladder, etc.), as appropriate.
7. Your game world must contain at least 16 different objects with which to interact, and
at least 10 of these objects must be portable (i.e., your player must be able to TAKE
and DROP) each of these objects to add or remove them from their inventory,
8. Your player must be able to LOOK in any region to receive a more thorough and
evocative description of that region. Your player must also be able to EXAMINE each
of the interactive objects.
9. Your game must have enemies (at least 4 different “types”) and some kind of
challenge system. This might take the form of a combat system or it might take the
form of something more appropriate to your genre and tagline, but the mechanic you
use to resolve these challenges must not be trivial and must be appropriate to your
setting. As a clarifying example, allowing the player to say “KILL ORC” would be
considered trivial, but including a hit point stat and resolving a battle over several
turns would be acceptable. At least 3 of these enemy types must also be able to “move”
between the different regions of your game world, (as the player does).
10. Your game must have some non-player characters with whom your players can
“TALK” and “ASK” questions. There must be at least 4 such characters, and at least 3
of these characters must be able to “move” between the different regions of your
game world, (as the player does).
11. You must provide a map and a walkthrough (i.e., a solution) with your submission, to
facilitate the marking process. Your game must also provide instructions.
COMP1501A (Winter 2020)  “Introduction to Computer Game Design”
Specification for Assignment 4 of 4
It is very important to recognize that much of the mark you receive for this assignment will
be attributed to the quality of your storyline, worldbuilding, setting/enemy/character
choices, and descriptions. Since you are communicating your game world to the player
entirely through the bodies of text that you have authored, it is especially crucial that you
proofread these texts and ensure they are free of spelling and grammatical errors (and
anything else that would prevent your player from being fully immersed in the storyline).
Your submission must not, under any circumstances, be treated as a work of parody or
homage, and must not be written “tongue-in-cheek”. In other words, you must treat your
assigned genre and tagline seriously, regardless of what they may be.
This program (along with each of the other programs you have submitted for this class) must
be a completely original work, authored by you and you alone, prepared for the current
offering (i.e., Winter 2020) of COMP1501. Do not discuss this assignment with anyone except
the instructor or the teaching assistants, and do not copy text or source code from the
internet or any other source. Submissions that include any volume of plagiarized text will
receive an automatic grade of zero.