Python代写 | BISM3210 Assignment Description


1. Description

This will be a programming assignment that demonstrates your ability to use the R or Python
programming language. Within this assignment you will envision presenting a written report and an
oral presentation to a group of stakeholders where you will be developing a software tool that could
be useful for your group of stakeholders.

For this project choose one of the datasets in R as described in
or from Python as described in

You are free to choose the purpose of your software and to define your group of stakeholders however
you want. For example if you are interested in Finance then you might choose to use variables about
residents’ income and to define your stakeholders as Financial Advisors with about 10 years of working

Your software will need to include certain programming features that we will discuss throughout this

File import and export

Your software will take the form of a user interface showing at least one statistical plot, and where
you will have to make sure that you have included features behind the page so that you can
demonstrate all of the software tasks above.