Python代写|SE 265 Software Development Methods Assignment 4


Programming environment

For this assignment you must ensure your work executes correctly on the virtual machines you installed
as part of Assignment 0 subsequently referred to as Senjhalla. This is our “reference platform”. This same
environment is used by the teaching team when evaluating your submitted work.

All test files for this assignment are available on the SENG server at /seng265work/A4/ Use the scp
command to copy these files into your Senjhalla

Any programming done outside of Senjhalla might not work during evaluation, and thus result in 0 marks
for the assignment

Objectives of this assignment A module with at least one class

You are to complete the implementation of the class process_cal which will be contained in the file
named Unlike the three previous assignments, however, your own code will be called
by a test-driver program named that is provided by the teaching team.

The below two methods of the class process_cal must be implemented exactly as described below:

• A constructor which takes a single parameter (i.e., the name of the ICS file)
• A method named get_events_for_day
o Parameter: a datetime object
o This method takes the datetime object and checks to see if there are any events for that
date in the ICS file received by the constructor and if found, returns a string with the day’s

If the day corresponding to the datetime object parameter has events (i.e., there
were events in the ICS file whose named was given to the object’s constructor),
then the method returns a string with that day’s events formatted as required in
previous assignments.

If the day corresponding to the datetime object parameter has no events, then
None is returned by the method.

You are encouraged to implement additional classes and methods in the class process_cal as necessary
for your solution and to reflect the problem decomposition.

A call to will use identical arguments to that from the previous assignment. For example:

./ –start=2021/01/24 –end=2021/4/15 –file=one.ics

is a typical use of the provided driver program.