Python代写|COMP3419 Graphics and Multimedia Assignment-2

本次澳洲代写是一个Python Opencv的assignment

Option-1: Intelligent Animation

The aim of this individual assignment (Assignment-2 Option-1) is to program a short creative
animation video clip involving digital video processing, compositing and 2D animation techniques.

The output video is a piece of animation based on a provided video clip. You are welcome to use
ANY programming languages to complete this assignment

There are always creative ideas and great stories behind any great visual project. You have the
freedom to express you creativity in this assignment, and you need to prepare an in-text story as
the initial step of the development of your intelligent animation video (in LATEX technical report;
suggested in 200 – 300 words; no more than 500 words). Your story must include the following key

• scene description – background replaced to match your story.
• the main character – a marionette whose motions controlled by our input video provided.
• two side characters – intelligent objects owning independent behaviours or moving trajectories.
• two events – randomly triggered to change interactions between characters or their behaviours.

This milestone would be marked within Sec 4.6.

[2%] The body of a monkey is labelled with red markers. Segment the red markers/the monkey and
use the coordinates of them to track the body motions. Some morphological operations might be
helpful to enhance the segmentation of the red markers. Design a data structure to represent the
sequence of the captured body motions. Students are allowed to scale the entire of (or parts of) the
body structure to make it fit in their own stories more appropriately.

[1%] Background replacement. Replace the blue background with your own background, which
is programmed to change dynamically – it can be triggered by the events, or at a specific/random
time-point, or depends on the motion/behaviour of the characters, and etc.

[1%] Marionette development. Render your own character to replace the moving monkey according
to the captured motions in a new video. You should simulate the gestures of the monkey as much as
you could. The replaced character should have at least five connected components, including a body,
two arms and two legs.

[4%] Add two types of randomly moving side characters to your video to interact with the main
marionette in two different ways (e.g. collision, tracking, etc.). The overall marking of this section
will depend on the creative design of intelligent objects and their interactions, in terms of the
following aspects:

Appearances. Try best to make their appearances fit in your story harmoniously – drawing a single
large red dot and tell your tutor “that’s my intelligent object” would clearly reduce the overall
aesthetics of your multimedia creation.

Behaviors or movements. Despite moving randomly, these two intelligent objects should still own
their exclusive and independent behaviors – we expect to see a unique behaviour/motion generator
defined for each side character, which are encapsulated as functions or classes, and they can be
randomly executed to some extent.

Interactions. The interactions should be affected by the motions of both the added objects and the
marionette, such as the changes in their movement speeds or directions. Trigger special effects when
interactions happen using image and/or audio processing techniques.