Network代写 | 3809ICT Assignment Specification


The quality of the presentation of a formal technical report is as important as the
quality of the technical content of the report in the profession.

Please submit your assignment on the Learning@Griffith website under the
Assessment section. The submission involves two documents:
• Each group leader should submit a group report via the “Assignment
Report” link. (Please note only the group leader needs to submit this
report. Please avoid submissions from other group members.)
• Every student should submit an individual reflection/peer-review
document. (Make sure you submit the correct assessment items to the
corresponding submission links).

Your assignment will be assessed on:
1. The text of both documents should be in 12-point Times New Roman or 11-
point Arial font or something equivalent, and in single line spacing.
2. Page size is A4 with 2cm in margins on all sides.
3. The body text of your group report should be no more than 10 pages in
length, excluding appendices.
4. The group report is suggested to be organised with cover page, executive
summary within one page, declaration of contributions of each of your
group members (within one page), table of contents, body text, and
appendices. The presentation and format of your report is worth 2 marks.
5. The body text consists of your overall analysis (open ports, associated
services, operating system) of each host and network map of the network
(4 marks), description of how each flag was found and obtained (30
marks, 2 marks per flag), and recommendations on how to protect the
network against the attacks (4 marks).
6. The peer-review document should include the contributions of your group
members from your point of view. You should give each of the group
member a grade out of 10. Your self-review is worth 3 marks, and the
reviews you get are worth 7 marks.