Network代写 | 31338 Network Servers Assessment 3: Project

本次澳洲代写是Network Servers相关的一个assignment

Project – Network Design, Implementation, and Troubleshooting

This is a technical report, thus there is no compulsory minimum and
maximum word limit. Word limit will be regarded as recommended rather
than compulsory, and no student will be disadvantaged by being under or
over the recommended word limit.

The assignment will be completed individually. The provides an opportunity
for students to practice and demonstrate their network design,
implementation and troubleshooting skills. It is important that you read and
understand each requirement and complete all tasks. There will be zero
tolerance for any academic and non-academic misconduct. See
University Rules, Subject Outline and Academic Misconduct section of
this brief for details.

1. Disk management and partitioning.
2. Network design.
3. Network setup and NFS services configurations.
4. DNS server setup and configurations
5. Web server setup and configurations

Given the new virtual machine files, students are expected to complete the following tasks
in the VMs. The report tasks should include:

– Executed commands in each task.
– Screenshot the NAMES of the files updated for each task.
– Setup and configuration details for each task.
– Testing procedures for each task.
– Troubleshooting and record keeping for each task.

Please add a second hard disk on both VMs. Create the following partitions on these drives and
mount them accordingly. They both MUST be Master Boot Record (MBR) formatted.

Make sure you demonstrate that the swap partition is mounted and is visible to the operating system.

Set up static networking for your Linux Centos and Windows server servers given the following

Replace “surname” and “firstname” in the table with your real name. For example, if your name is
“Peter Griffin”, then the hostname for Linux server is “peter” (lower case) and the hostname for
Windows Server is “griffin” (lower case). This rule applies for all the following tasks.

Choose the appropriate gateway and network parameters so they can ping each other and make sure
the configuration is permanent. You MUST test your configuration.