Linux脚本代写 | Authentication And Authorisation TASK 4.2C


Learning Outcomes

In this task, you will learn more about authentication and authorisation. This task will help
you practice research in the area of cyber security. This is an important skill for security
engineers and when studying at university.


An answer sheet template is available on OnTrack as a `Resources’. Please
download the answer sheet and fill it with your answers. To upload on OnTrack, you
need to convert the answer sheet template document to PDF. MS Word includes
built-in PDF conversation capability.

Both questions and their sub-questions must be attempted.

We are fighting the good fight. We are on the good side of the cyber world and we are in this
together. We learn together and from each other.

Help is always available in SIT182. Please go to Discussions and ask your questions about
this task in Task 4.2C. All students are encouraged to participate and help peers with their
questions. Helping others is a great way to learn and think about aspects you may have
overlooked. You can also seek help from tutors during online and face-to-face pracs.
However, please note that pracs are primarily aimed for Pass-level tasks and tutors will only
aim to provide you with suggestions about the more advanced tasks.

References: In cyber security, one of the most common referencing styles is IEEE –
however, you are allowed to use any referencing style in this unit. Please refer to unit site >
Content > Referencing – Hints & Tips for more information. Submissions are automatically
checked for plagiarism using Turnitin and the unit staff have no authority to help if you
violate academic integrity.