Java代写 | CSDS 293 Software Craftsmanship Programming Assignment 9



In this assignment, you will debug an application that determines
whether to sound an alarm based on camera feeds (posted on
canvas). Here are the original specifications, which were then
incorrectly implemented in the provided code.

The objective of this assignment is to create an alert system for a
loading area. The Short Beach Port stacks containers near the docks
for loading on cargo ships. The containers have all the same standard
size and are stacked in neat piles, forming a three-dimensional grid.
The security system takes pictures of the piles once every minute
using three cameras: a front camera, a side camera, and a top camera.
The image from the front camera shows the height of the tallest pile
in each column, the image from the side camera shows the height of
the tallest pile in each row, and the image from the top camera shows
whether a pile is empty. The figure shows a possible layout of the
loading area and the view from each of the cameras.

Although these examples are shown on a 5×5 grid, the alert system
should accommodate loading areas of different size. The basic
system sounds an alarm when it detects a change in any of the image.
However, the basic system quickly proved inadequate since it would
blast an alarm almost all the time. Here are a couple of things that
went wrong in initial testing.


An alarm was sounded when the side view camera changed to the