Java代写|CS126 Design of Information Structures WAFFLES


Welcome to the CS126 coursework WAFFLES, Warwick’s Amazing Fast Food Logistic
Engagement Service. WAFFLES is a web application for hosting restaurant information,
customer reviews and customer favourites. Interesting fact, the alternative name for this
coursework was going to be WarwickTripAdvisor or Welp but that seemed to be a bit too
on the nose.

The WAFFLES website is not quite amazing yet and we need the help of an aspiring
programmer to help reach its true potential. This coursework involves you designing and
programming the data structures and methods used in the WAFFLES website.

To do so, you are given a zip, , with the files:

These files will help you develop the WAFFLES website. The given waffles.jar file
is a collection of Java class files which make up the initial WAFFLES website. Alongside
that, you are given some script files, and run.bat , which enables you to
compile and run the website on both Linux/macOS and Windows machines.

Initially, when running the WAFFLES website, the pages that are displayed contain no
information. This is because the current code does not return any useful data for the
site to display. The template code we have given you is the code the initial bare-bones
WAFFLES website uses. But as you start to implement parts of the WAFFLES site, you
will begin to see more and more parts of the WAFFLES website displaying relevant

You are tasked with the job of adding and updating files in the /src folder to evolve
the WAFFLES website. Specifically you will be creating and implementing methods for
the classes located inside the following folders:

• /src/main/java/uk/ac/warwick/cs126/stores
• /src/main/java/uk/ac/warwick/cs126/structures
• /src/main/java/uk/ac/warwick/cs126/util

You are free to add any additional java files you may use into to these 3 folders.

The files, from /src/main/java/uk/ac/warwick/cs126 , to be completed are:

• /stores/
• /stores/
• /stores/
• /stores/
• /util/
• /util/
• /util/
• /util/
• /util/

The CustomerStore , FavouriteStore and RestaurantStore are the main classes
for this coursework, you will be working through to complete them and the classes from
util will help you to do that. The next section Stores gives a short description as to
what they do. For an in-depth description to all the methods see the main Stores section.

Also, for a helpful checklist of methods you need to complete see the Checklist section.

Additionally, we tell you the Restrictions, give you some Advice and we answer the most
frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.

Inside the /structures folder, we have given you an example structure from the labs,
MyArrayList . This is used to show how other classes can import this structure. This is
simply an example, you are free to modify this or delete this to implement your own
structures. For more details on adding your own classes see the How To Add Classes
section inside Setup and Installation.

The Setup and Installation section is there to help you get all the tools you need and to
teach you how to run this coursework.

Furthermore, since it takes a long time to load the site to see if your code is correct, we
have implemented a fast way to test your methods outside of the website. The tests are
located in: /src/main/java/uk/ac/warwick/cs126/test . We have already written
some example tests to help you get started (some are incomplete and are marked as
TODO). You can run these tests using the script we gave you with the -t argument. For
more details, see the Testing section.

The final sections cover the report (Report).