Mobile App代写|6002CEM Designing and Building a Mobile App

Submission Arrangement Online via Aula: A text file with links (Video Link + Github Repository + Use case diagram link) uploaded through the assignment link.

File Type:

A Word/PDF file with three links:

Mark and Feedback Method: Rubric marks and comments

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed

1. Design and implement a mobile application, showing systematic knowledge of relevant tools, methods and processes.

2. Understand and critically evaluate the different tools and techniques for mobile application development.

3.Scope, design, implement and critically evaluate a basic security policy to keep confidential data safe on a mobile device.

4.Demonstrate an ability to maintain ease of data access/usability across several platforms.

5.Assignment Brief

You are required to design and build a .NET Maui app that demonstrates your proficiency in the skills that have been taught during the module. The application must be developed using the C# programming language and .NET Maui framework.

The app should preferably match the one you proposed in your first coursework, however, this is not mandatory, and you can change your idea if you feel that the one proposed does not align with your interests anymore.

You can use any kind of 3rd party libraries if they are not paid for or would in any shape or form generate the application for you (please consult with the module leader if in doubt).

You may use sample code from the labs, videos, demos or any other online sources referenced throughout this module if you understand why you used it and what it does. However, you must annotate the code if you copied bigger chunks and specify the reason for copy/pasting it.

Copying code from other sources and not properly referencing it will be dealt with accordingly.

Submission file requirements (Can be submitted as Word or Pdf):

used. Guidelines to follow can be found below:

i.If you use any external APIs or cloud providers for authentication services or data persistence, you must make sure that we can clearly see the setup you made (either explain in the video or have images with the dashboards/ code setup – in case of public API usage – in the submission file).

ii.The video must be no longer than 10 minutes and have a quality of at least 720HD.

iii. Show your app running on the screen and how to use it.

This extension will normally be 24 hours or the next working day if the deadline falls on a Friday or over the weekendperiod. This will be communicated via your Module Leader.