C语言代写|Computer Networks & Applications Programming Assignment 2: Building a Reliable Transport Protocol


Note – this practical requires thought and planning. You need to start early to allow yourself time to think of what and how to test before modifying any code. Failing to do this is likely to make the practical take far more time than it should. Starting the practical in the final week is likely to be an unsuccessful strategy with this practical.

Although this practical is marked automatically, all marks will be moderated by a marker using the following information. You must add a comment explaining the changes you’ve made to your svn repository commits. In other words, each commit should explain what was changed in the code and why briefly (e.g. it may be a bug fix or a protocol behaviour fix).

We should be able to review your development process and see the changes made to code with each version you have committed. Please keep in mind that we can check the number of lines of code as well as actual code changes made with each commit.During manual marking and plagiarisms checks, we will look look at your development process. If we do not see a clear path to a solution (i.e. code changes and regular commits and comments reflecting your learning to develop the protocol you will forfeit 50% of the marks allocated for this prac and in the extreme case you will be allocated a mark of 0%. An example case of a 0% would be the sudden appearance of working code passing multiple tests).

It is up to you to provide evidence of your development process. I expect this will happen after each submission to the oracle.Please make use of the emulator to help you learn!

You’ve been hired by “Net Source”, a company specialising in networking software. Their programmer, Mue, who was working on an implementation of the Alternating Bit protocol has caught the flu and the implementation must absolutely be finished in the next week. Most of the implementation is complete and Mue left comments for parts still to be completed. As the code isn’t finished, Mue hasn’t completed testing yet. Mue is an experienced C programmer and there is nothing wrong with the C syntax or structure of the code that Mue has written.

So you don’t have to correct any C syntax errors, your job is to finish the code, correct any protocol errors and test it. Your boss realises you’re not a C expert, but at least you’ve programmed in some language with C like syntax (e.g. Java, C++) before so you’re the closest they have as an expert. Mue has written a C hints for programmers of C like languages programmers sheet which explains what you need to know about C that is different than Java. She’s confident that if you stick to the sheet, anything else you need to add or change would be the same if you wrote it in Java.