C#代写 | SIT771 Object Oriented Development

SIT771 Object Oriented Development
Pass Task 8.1: Interview – Code Explanation
This pass task involves a technical discussion and explanation of your pass task program code.
Submission Details and Instructions
For this task you will need to prepare an audio, or video, presentation of your solution to the Stock
Management system (7.1P).
Describe the overall solution and how it works. (<2 min)
Relate this to the key principles of object oriented programming: abstraction, encapsulation,
inheritance and polymorphism. (<4 min)
Indicate and describe how each of these principles is present in your solution.
Then answer follow up questions from your tutor.
These questions will relate to the project and focus on helping you articulate your understanding of
the key concepts, your solution structure, and reflections on the unit content.
Feel free to structure this as you see fit. One suggestion would be to tackle each part as a separate
audio comment, which you could then upload an associate image comment. For example, a class
diagram to accompany the overall solution description. Alternatively, you could create some slides to
show of the key aspects you want to discuss, and record a screencast of you talking through these.
If you record a screencast or other video, upload the video to something like DeakinAir then paste a
shared link in the comments.
Once you have added your audio/video/image comments to the Task, you can switch it to Ready for
Feedback. This will not ask for files to be uploaded.
Ensure that you leave sufficient time to receive and respond to any further tutor questions before the
due date.