C++代写 | Raspberry Pi Desktop

本次加拿大代写是C++ QT开发相关的一个assignment

Assignment Task

Your assignment task is to familiarize yourself with the Raspberry Pi Desktop, or a comparable Unix/Linux system, and develop a simple graphical command executor.  While this might seem complex on the surface, it’s surprisingly straightforward to do so.  This should give you a good exposure to C++ classes, STL packages, Boost, and Qt, all of which will be quite handy for the group project to come!

As an example of how this will look in the end, here’a a screen shot of my own implementation.  Yours will do similar things, as discussed below, but could look very different depending on how you choose to do things.

For this assignment, you will need access to a Unix-like environment of some kind.  Using something like Raspberry Pi Desktop will give you something that most closely resembles doing things on an actual Raspberry Pi, but that is not required.  You can use whatever distribution you wish as long as it supports the needs of this assignment.  The options at your disposal, depend on your computer and operating system:

Alright!  So, now you have a Unix/Linux environment set up with the necessary compiler tools, Boost, and Qt 5.  (As a bonus, this should also give you a nice dev environment for your group project too!)  You have everything you need to get started with this assignment, so let’s dig into the details of what you need to be doing here.