App代写 | CST2335 Graphical Interface Programming Project Assignment

CST2335 Graphical Interface Programming
Project Assignment

Part 1 – Choosing your team
This is a group project for groups of 4 members (all in the same lab section). If you would like to be assigned a group, send an email to your lab instructor. If you have chosen partners yourself, then please email the names of the group to your lab instructor. Once you have a team for the final project, each of you should select one (and only one) of the given topics. You should then fill out the Group Activity Worksheet together to exchange contact information amongst your group (Algonquin student email addresses at a minimum). You must then upload the Excel worksheet on Brightspace, under the FinalProject assignment link on or before July 10th, 2020. This is worth 5% of your final project mark

Part 2 – Programming your application. Requirements:
Once you have chosen your topic, you must implement this list of the requirements for the final project:
1. Each person’s project must have a ListView somewhere to present items. Selecting an item from the ListView must show detailed information about the item selected.
2. Each activity must have at least 1 progress bar and at least 1 button.
3. Each activity must have at least 1 edit text with appropriate text input method and at least 1 Toast, Snackbar, and AlertDialog notification.
4. The software must have at least 1 or more activities written by each person in your group. Your activity must be accessible by selecting a graphical icon from a Toolbar, and NavigationDrawer. The top navigation layout should have the Activity’s title, author, and version number.
5. Each Activity must use a fragment somewhere in its graphical interface.
6. Each activity must have a help menu item that displays an AlertDialog with instructions for how to use the interface.
7. There must be at least 1 other language supported by your Activity. If you are not bilingual, then you must support both British and American English (words like colour, color, neighbour, neighbor, etc). If you know a language other than English, then you can support that language in your application and don’t need to support American English.
8. The items listed in the ListView must be stored by the application so that appear the next time the application is launched. The user must be able to add and delete items, which would then also be stored in a database.
9. Each activity must use an AsyncTask to retrieve data from an http server.
10. Each activity must use SharedPreferences to save something about the application for use the next time the application is launched.
11. All activities must be integrated into a single working application, on a single device or emulator.
12. The interfaces must look professional, with GUI elements properly laid out and aligned.
13. The functions and variables you write must be properly documented using JavaDoc comments.

Bonus marks will be awarded for displaying correct functionality by the following dates:
Milestone # and date Requirements implemented # Bonus Marks available
#1 – July 13 – 17 1, 2, 3, 11, 13 1
#2 – July 20 – 24 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13 1
#3 – July 27 – July 31 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13
Beginning Steps
• One person should create a new project for the team and then upload it to github using the menu option “VCS” -> “Import Into Version Control” -> “Share project on GitHub”.
• That group member must then invite the other group members to contribute. This is done by clicking on the “Settings” tab in Github, then click “Collaborators” on the left side menu, and search the group member names to add them to the project. Other team members should then clone that project to their computer and start making branches for their work. From AndroidStudio, select “File” -> “New” -> “Project from version control” -> ”Git” and then paste the git URL from the main github repository from the previous step. You will not be able to integrate your work if you do not start by first cloning the project!
• Then write your own code on your own branch and then merge that branch on Github (after each requirement is finished). Don’t try to merge the code only on the last week.
Grading Guide
• Each student is graded on his or her application separately. This counts for 85% of your project mark.
o Week of July 13 – 17 – demonstrate the Milestone 1 requirements for bonus
o Week of July 20 – 24 – demonstrate the Milestone 2 requirements for bonus
o Week of July 27 – July 31 – demonstrate the Milestone 3 requirements for bonus
o Week of August 3 – 7 Project demonstration during your scheduled lab demonstration found on the demonstration schedule. You will show each of the 13 requirements from the list. Arrange a single submission of the group deliverable by one of the group members computer on behalf of the entire group. You must be in the lab in person to answer questions about your work. Code submitted on Brightspace will not be marked.